No Chill Summer



when u reblog one of those ask game things and nobody sends u anything


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hello I lost my voice

then how did u make this post?


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Watching Pokémon on Saturday mornings as a kid

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I wonder if Dhalsim can do with his dick the shit he can do with the rest of his limbs..


and he’s indian too. Kama Sutra stays on deck.

Dhalsim confirmed for ultimate sex weapon.

why you think about what a nigga can do with his dick tho? 


Tonight on The Sus Files

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Side Nigga Journal: Entry 1



so i met this girl in the train station  i approach her, im using every line in the book she goes “im taken”  im like oh word where you taken (taking) me? dinner a movie or both ? 


shes like that was cute, gave me the number, we talking for a few days shes like my man is going to the gym soon he’s usually there for like 2 hours if u wanna come over… so i get the address its like a 15 min walk.. so i get over there we do some small talk then we take ourselves to the bedroom we start getting it in idk for how long maybe like 30 mins, im on top of her then i hear the front door unlock i look up like


so i start panicking rushing to get my clothes on so i guess he hears us running around and hes like oh word u have company come out here and lets talk like men youngblood .. theres no other way out so i go out there its some big ass diesel mother fucker fresh out of jail looking nigga like “wassup youngster”


soon as i see him im like image

i keep the tough guy face on the whole time but on the inside im shook. so i start talking greasy calling him a bitch saying if u was doing a good job your girl wouldnt be calling me i start throwing up a bunch of gang signs telling him my set and crip walking on on his Persian rug all in hopes to the deter the dude from throwing me through the wall


hes like you fucked my girl so theres only two ways you getting out this room you either fight me or let me fuck you like you did my girl i was in jail a longgggg time youngster  i go both ways all you gotta do is bend over that couch and give me that virgin ass for 10 mins no lube and let me show you how a real man feels asshole took me to the side and had a heart to heart conversation with me and  was like  image

"bruh dont let him come anywhere near us"

im like “i got you lil bruh”

i was like hell nah he was like then lets do this the manly way son takes off his shirt and pulls up his pants is like so wassup youngster


so im like them muscles dont mean shit lets go


nigga starts coming closer i start running around the couch so hes tryna chase me i aint letting this big nigga catch me so im running fuck it i aint taking this L and if  yall laughing yall woulda ran too but he fucked up and left the door open so i hes like behind the couch and im in front so nigga jumps over the couch im like oh shit 


i make a run for the door, soon as i make it outside the door and hit the corner and i trip over my own feet


son i roll over get back up he grabs my shirt but i escape his grasp so he chasing me down the hallway of the apt building i say fuck the elevator and take the stairs im on like floor 9 i dont even look back got out the apt building hit the corner never talked to her ever again… i havent even walked past that block again i just walk around it

the way i see it i was either gonna fight him and lose, run or let this 300 pound all mulscle arnold schwraza-nigga have his way with my bootyhole and leave the house walking like bron in game 1


in all 3 scenarios my pride was gonna be taken i just took the least painful one






I’d quit playing if this happened to me tbh


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